About Me

I’m a twenty something year old, single female living in Washington, D.C. I’m currently a full time professional, part time grad student, avid traveler, frequent brunch goer, and gym rat.

Oh and I have herpes.

I was diagnosed in September 2016, and have since been attempting to navigate the unbearably complicated, yet hilariously awkward world of dating with herpes.

Following the initial shock of the news and 10 day alcohol (and antiviral) bender, I picked myself up and decided to educate myself.

What I found after hours of research is that:

  1. Herpes is not nearly as bad as society makes it seem
  2. There aren’t any dating websites for individuals with herpes that actually make dating easier
  3. While there are plenty of websites and support groups for individuals with herpes, none of them could prepare me for actually telling a guy that I have it

So, I decided to do what I do best and wing it. The result has been a string of cringeworthy dating stories that I hope others can relate to, laugh at, and maybe even find some comfort in.

Now, for the sake of my academic and professional lives, I have chosen to forgo providing my real name. At the request of my best friend, I will instead go by the name Janis Ian (and yes, that is a ‘Mean Girls’ reference).


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