Number Five

It’s the day before New Year’s Eve 2016, and I find myself on a last minute, first date with Scott, a guy that I’ve been talking to on tinder for a couple weeks. At first glance, this guy is not my type, but he “Super Liked” me and was cute enough so I gave it a chance. So there we are a few weeks later sharing drinks and dinner on a Friday night. It was definitely one of the better first dates I’ve had. To be honest I was surprised at how well it went – so much so that I found myself on a second date with him just five nights later.

We went to one of my favorite wine bars in D.C., after which we decided to walk over and get more drinks at a bar that my friends and I frequent. Keep in mind that at this point, it’s about 9 PM on a Wednesday night and we’d already finished off two bottles of wine. Needless to say, I was pretty hungover at work the next day.

I hadn’t planned on telling Scott anything about my herpes on this date since letting it out on second dates hadn’t gone well for me in my previous dating endeavors. But we were drunk and I ended up letting it slip. He gave me the same look that every guy I’ve told up until this point has given me: 200_sHaving told a few people about my hsv up until this point, I’m pretty used to getting this look. No matter who I tell, I always get this look. Call me crazy, but it always makes me laugh. So I literally laughed out loud when I told him and saw this look on his face.
I didn’t expect the next part though. We ended up having a long, somewhat hazy, conversation about it, at the end of which he told me that he didn’t want this to be the reason that he stopped seeing me because he thinks I’m “cool as shit”.

After that night, I’ve gone on several more dates with Scott, and yes, we’ve had sex.

Not a bad start to 2017. screen-shot-2017-01-22-at-10-19-40-am


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