Practice Makes Perfect

This story isn’t about a boy I actually dated, just one that I was in contact with for a short period of time. He, I’ll call him Sean, had randomly started talking to on tinder, but I noticed that he lived far away from me, so initially I decided not to respond. He was persistent though so I responded, mostly out of boredom.

The people who know me best know that I’m generally a closed book. I rarely open up to people and almost never share private information about myself with people outside my close circle of friends and family. But when Sean asked me, “What should I know about you?  Any deepest darkest secrets?” I felt inclined to use this as a potential opportunity to tell a complete stranger about my herpes. I hadn’t told anyone since Eric, but I was feeling ballsy on this particular day and decided I had nothing to lose, especially since he doesn’t even live near me.

The rest of our conversation went something like this:

Me: You can’t handle my deepest darkest secrets yet

Sean: You’d be surprised in what I can handle. I work in disaster recovery

Me: Well I have herpes. I found out about it a few months ago when I started showing symptoms. How’s that for a disaster?

To my surprise, he didn’t immediately stop talking to me. He admitted he didn’t know much about herpes and asked me questions about. Finally he said, “well this isn’t a deal breaker”. Unfortunately the distance between us was definitely a deal breaker for me.

I haven’t spoken to Sean since that day, but the encounter gave me a little bit of faith that not all my future experiences with dating will be negative.


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